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9 Rubber Band Hacks To Make Life A Lot Easier

Are there any more clever hacks you know?

Rubber bands are everywhere, right? Even when we don’t need one, we’re bound to find one, or several. It turns out there are lots of ways to use rubber bands that may never have occurred to you, from opening jars to holding your phone securely while you drive. So check out the nine rubber band tricks, because I guarantee they’ll make life easier.

1. Insta-Maternity (Or I-Ate-Too-Much) Jeans!

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DIY Maternity

Whether you’re pregnant or just ate one too many Girl Scout cookies, this rubber band hack from DIY Maternity is for you and your waist. After all, why buy expensive maternity jeans or pants when all you need is a rubber band?

Just take a rubber band or hair tie and thread it through the button hole (this is with your jeans unzipped, of course). Then, thread one end through the other end, affixing it to the button hole. In just a few seconds, you’re looking at your new button hole — aka, your rubber band!

2. Clothes-Stopper

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Awesome Inventions/GreenAndClassy

Speaking of clothes, if you’re tired of certain items slipping off hangers, try rubber bands. Just wrap a hanger’s ends with rubber bands and the clothing straps won’t be able to get past them.

3. Prevent A Door From Slamming

Chas Crazy Creations

If you want to open a door without having it make noise — i.e., someone is sleeping — use a rubber band to close the latches. Clever!

4. Remove A Stripped Screw

Pretty Handy Girl

When you have a stubborn screw stuck in the wall, or anywhere, really, grab a rubber band. When you use it along with your screwdriver in this tried-and-true trick, it should come right out.

5. Keep Rolls Of Ribbons Intact

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Alliance Rubber Company

When you use ribbon to wrap gifts, do you tape the end of it to keep it intact after you use it? But then, when you do use it again, it’s hard to peel the tape off? Instead, use a rubber band. Easy, huh?

6. Secure Tupperware

tupperware photo
Photo by quinn.anya

Whether you’re putting Tupperware in your fridge or taking it to a friend’s house, there’s nothing worse than realizing the lid’s not on all the way and then the contents is suddenly on the bottom of your fridge instead of your stomach. I’m a bit clumsy in the kitchen sometimes, and I found that putting a rubber band around my Tupperware containers works wonders.

7. Open Hard-To-Open Items

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Have a jar or bottle that refuses to open? Instructables suggests putting a rubber band around the lid or top that refuses to budge. If that doesn’t work, add another one around the jar or bottle itself and hold onto that part while twisting.

8. Car Visor, Money, Or Credit Card Clip

money photo
Photo by 401(K) 2013

Chances are, sometimes you need to file loose papers or receipts in your car … but where? If you put a rubber band over your visor, it becomes an instant organizer for all your miscellaneous things that need to go somewhere (at least for the time being). A rubber band is also good for holding together money and credit cards, too, just in case your wallet is MIA.

9. Car Phone Holder

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Tired of balancing your cell phone on your lap or passenger seat? Just take a rubber band and wrap it through your air vent, suggests Instructables. Your phone will now be secure. (You’re welcome!)