Ryan Gosling’s Reaction To His Old Dance Video Is Priceless

Ryan Gosling showed off some impressive dance moves in “La La Land,” but you don’t get to be that good without some hard work. He’s been dancing since he was young, a recent interview with Graham Norton revealed.

Norton sat down with some of Hollywood’s finest—Gosling, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller and Ben Affleck—and had something “embarrassing” to show for each and every one of them.

Gosling, however, was the only one to get a video clip played this time, and the results are absolutely hilarious. The other actors seem impressed by his dance moves, but he doesn’t seem to remember the routine fondly. He jokes about his outfit, saying “I wish I could say someone said ‘Here, you have to wear this,’ but that was my idea. I had a vision for this number. Purple and silver hammer pants.”

Boy, am I glad to see what Gosling had in mind for this routine! From his outfit to his moves, he really couldn’t have done a better job. But, I must say, he’s come a long way since then as far as dance skills are concerned.

His reaction to this video still couldn’t have been more priceless. Norton asked him how old he was when he performed this and he retorted, “Old enough to know better.” Really, I think we’ve all been there before.

Watch as Gosling tells the tale of how he got to be on the stage with so many little girls, had some rivalry with some of the other male dancers, and more in the hilarious ‘90s flashback.

When you’re famous enough for someone to dig up dirt on you, this is just part of the job. But, as far as “dirt” goes, this was really pretty adorable. And I, for one, feel as though I should personally thank Norton for finding this little gem!