Deadpool and Wonder Woman (aka, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot) face off on Twitter

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If you’re a comic fan, then you’ve heard of the characters Deadpool and Wonder Woman. Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool in the Marvel series of films and Gal Gadot was the star of “Wonder Woman.”

Everything was peachy keen between these two superheroes until Reynolds stole a move from “Wonder Woman,” as seen in the latest trailer of the upcoming “Deadpool 2” film. This caused Gadot to reach out to Reynolds via Twitter and started a hilarious feud between the two.

Deadpool is a Marvel character who’s known for his quick wit and his ability to heal quickly and fight off pretty much anyone. And Wonder Woman is from the DC universe and is equipped with tools, including the Lasso of Truth and indestructible bracelets, that allow her to defeat her enemies. They’re very different types of superheroes, but Reynolds crossed the line when he decided to pull a move from Gadot’s character’s playbook.

Wonder Woman is known for crossing her arms to activate her indestructible bracelets, and in the most recent “Deadpool” trailer, Reynolds is seen doing that same move. So, Gadot had something to say about it on Twitter:

“Dude stole my look,” she jokingly wrote.

And, of course, Reynolds responded: “Imitation is the sincerest form of larceny,” he said, in true Deadpool fashion.

If you follow Reynolds on social media, this type of response should come as no surprise. First of all โ€” the Deadpool character is known for being sassy, but Reynolds himself also has been known to poke fun at people on social media.

Not only has Reynolds made fun of his wife on social media, but he even joked with acting legend Betty Whiteย on her birthday.

White once said in an interview that the key to a happy life, for her, at least, is enjoying vodka and hot dogs. So, when Reynolds wished her a happy birthday, he kept her love of “‘tinis and weenies” in mind:

“Cheers to another year of ‘Tinis and Weenies!,” he wrote on Instagram.

So, combine the sass with the social media savvy and, well โ€” you get this hilarious Twitter feud that’s all in good fun, of course.

But it did spark a debate among DC and Marvel fans. Fans were arguing about who was the first to cross their arms to make the “X” symbol.

People recalled the character Wolverine posing in this way:

Some argued it was the original Wonder Woman from the TV series back in 1975:

And others hysterically replied that the Egyptians did it first, “technically speaking.”

Regardless of which character did it first, each one is iconic in his or her own right. And no matter who won the argument, people still couldn’t get over how funny this exchange was. The internet jumped right in with jokes, too.

Some created images of each of the characters standing strong together:

Others teased that “identity theft is not a joke.”

So, Gadot and Reynolds had basically all of the internet laughing. Now โ€” how’s that for promotion for the next “Deadpool” movie?

Here’s the trailer that sparked so much controversy in the first place:

You’re going to have to watch to see who did it better: Deadpool or Wonder Woman?

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