There Are Facebook And Instagram Accounts Dedicated To ‘Sad Dogs Outside Shops’

Nobody likes having to leave their dog outside when they go into a coffee shop or store—but sometimes it has to be done. Personally, I think pooches should be allowed everywhere, but for sanitary reasons, not everyone agrees.

So, what’s a dog lover to do? Leave their pet tied up outside and make sure they get back to them as quickly as they can. And what’s a dog-lover passerby to do? Pet the pup and take a photo. Then, devote an entire Instagram and Facebook account to them, naturally.

The “Sad Dogs Outside Shops” social media accounts show off the cutest, saddest dogs just waiting for their humans to return. It’s sweet and kind of sad to look at, but hey, their owners will come back, so you don’t have to feel too bad. Besides, there are worse ways to spend your time on the internet, right?

These popular accounts were started by an Irish guy named Andy who lives in Australia.

“One thing I noticed when I moved over was the amount of dogs tied up at shops!” Andy told Mashable via Messenger. “I’ve always loved dogs and liked to pet them to cheer them up a bit so when I saw them and I thought other people would get a kick out of seeing them online too.”

Andy gained so much popularity with his snaps of “sad dogs” that now he also accepts submissions. So, when you scroll through the photos, you’re seeing dogs from all over the world, just waiting patiently for their owner’s return.

“I reckon 90 percent of the photos are submitted by followers of Sad Dogs,” Andy told BuzzFeed. “I get them from all over the world now and many of the pictures are of really high quality…we are slowly building a Sad Dogs community.”

If you’re not already a member of the “sad dogs” community, you’re going to want to get in on the action. Because really, these puppies are too cute not to stare at!