You Can Buy A 4-Pound Meatball Pizza at Sam’s Club For A Limited Time

If you’re working on your Super Bowl Sunday menu, you may want to add a trip to Sam’s Club to your plans. Not only can you find massive quantities of everything you need, like this 9-pound bucket of Oreo frosting — you know, the essentials — but now you can add a seriously impressive pizza to your list.

Specially formulated and created to enjoy while watching the big game, you can now find a huge meatball pizza at your local Sam’s Club. The Member’s Mark Massive Meatball Square Pizza is 4 pounds, and one of those pounds is all meatballs. Yes, an entire pound of meatballs. On a pizza.

Go ahead and try to think of anything better to eat while watching the Super Bowl. I’ll wait.

The pie also includes two kinds of mozzarella and yellow peppers. You’ll get 12 servings for $11.98, or 99 cents per slice.

Of course, you don’t have to eat it while watching football, but because it was made for that, you’ll only find it in stores for a limited time. The Super Bowl is Feb. 3, by the way, so make sure you head to your local Sam’s Club soon if you want to get your hands on the pizza.

Sam's Club

Will you be trying this massive meatball pizza?