How Do Sam’s Club and Costco Prices Stack Up? Here’s The Ultimate Guide

Fresh off the popular guide that shows how the prices at Aldi, Walmart, and Target stack up, the Passionate Penny Pincher created another great guide, this time comparing the prices between Costco, Sam’s Club and Aldi.

If you are deciding whether to join Sam’s Club or Costco, this cheat sheet could come in really handy. It was interesting to see which store has the best prices for each product. And the result? No one store was the clear winner.

Before reading the full chart, I would have guessed Aldi would have the cheapest prices for everyday things, but Costco and Sam’s Club had lower prices for a good amount of products. For example, if you want aluminum foil, then Costco has the best prices, but bread and jelly were much cheaper at Aldi. Sam’s Club didn’t have the lowest prices for a lot of products but was tied with Costco on some.

On a personal note, I’ve found some of the quality of produce and meats at Costco to be a little better than that of Sam’s Club, but that may just be my specific store (or only in my head).

Here’s a how a few of the categories compare, but download the full PDF here to view everything.

When putting the guide together, the Passionate Penny Pincher team applied the following rules:

  • Prices were based on everyday prices and don’t include sale prices. If you find the items on sale at one of the stores, you likely will get a better price.
  • The team tried to compare similar brands across the stores, but there are some situations when that wasn’t possible.

We’ve just pulled out a few key areas, but you can download the full PDF to see how more categories stack up.

For the full guide, head on over to Passionate Penny Pincher.