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Sam’s Club Is Bringing Back Even More Massive Pool Floats For This Summer

These floats fit at least six people at one time!

It may still be freezing outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about warm weather — and that includes all the time we plan to spend in pools and on lakes this summer. Of course, that also means you’ll need some pretty fabulous accessories, like a massive pool float that will fit all your friends, obviously.

Last year, Sam’s Club knew exactly what we all needed and gave us six-person unicorn, peacock and flamingo floats. While you can’t get the unicorn or peacock floats this year, the flamingo float is still available, or you can now also get massive pool floats that look like a swan or speed boat!

All three floats have a built-in inflatable bench, cooler and eight cup holders. Oh, and the flamingo and swan are also both filled with glitter — of course.

Sam's Club

Stretching up to 9 feet tall and 16 feet wide, the gigantic floats cost $170, or about $28 each if you’re splitting it with six friends. You’ll get free shipping if you’re a Plus member, or you may get lucky and find them at your local Sam’s Club.

Even if you don’t have a pool big enough for the float or a lake close by, Sam’s Club says you can also use them on land or as poolside furniture. Personally, I can picture one right in my backyard just because.

Besides, there’s no such thing as too much seating for parties and you can always use coolers and cupholders!

Sam's Club

If you’re not into flamingos, swans or speedboats, Sam’s Club also has a tropical Tahiti island float that holds seven people. While not new, it looks a bit different from the version the retailer sold last year and now boasts a few different colors with see-through areas.

Sam's Club

In addition to plenty of seating, it also features plenty of storage and cup holders for drinks and all kinds of refreshments:

Sam's Club

Don’t need something to fit the entire football team? Sam’s Club also offers this cute and colorful two-person bird float for only $14.71.

And if you’ve been wanting to splurge on a floating mat, Sam’s Club is offering those, too! The Floating Water Oasis pad comes in two color combinations: teal and yellow or blue and yellow.

From past articles written about these (or if you’ve visited a lake in the last five years), you probably know these are a popular item to have on the water! However, they are an investment. The one pictured below costs $349, although Sam’s Club site offers free shipping.

Sam's Club

The mat is perfect for floating, “surfing” like the people pictured above and just soaking in the sun. And the best part? When you and your family are done using it, the mat rolls up really easily:

Sam's Club

Groupon occasionally has a sale on them, but they tend to sell out fast! At the Shanghai Report and Marina on Deerfield Lake in Tennessee, one of these mats rents for about $75 a day.

Aside from these massive floats, you can also find other floats at locations other than Sam’s Club, like these emoji floats, one that looks like a retro convertible, one that comes complete with an inflatable hunk or even one that glows in the dark (pictured below).


Oh, and you can also get pickle-shaped floats.


Our marketing manager, Christina, has this unicorn float from Amazon. It comfortably fits most adults, and she says the thickness of the plastic and overall quality is better than expected. The best part: They are only $12.30!

Actual proof that she and her friends have tried this float:


And proof that she has purchased (and used) the little companion floating drink holders (which at $9.99 for a pack of three, are an extremely necessary purchase):


If you like the drink holders, Amazon sells a variety pack for around $11.

So, do you have room for a huge pool float on your vacation packing list this summer?

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