Sam’s Club Is Now Selling Pre-Filled Drink Dispensers

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Because I am admittedly not great in the kitchen, the easiest part of barbecues for me has always been the drinks. Since there is no grilling or baking required, it’s much easier to pour a few things together and create a cocktail.

While easier, however, it’s not mistake-proof. You can quickly put in too much alcohol or even worse, too much of everything else. Speaking from experience, there is not much worse than a margarita with too little tequila and too much sweet-and-sour mix.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your summer barbecue, Sam’s Club now has mason jar drink dispensers that are pre-mixed and just waiting for you to add vodka or rum!

You’ll find the drink dispensers filled with lemonade, to which you add vodka, or tiki punch, which goes well with rum. At $13.98, you not only get the actual lemonade or punch, but the mason jar is made of glass, so you can keep and reuse it.

How much booze goes into the mix? That’s up to you, but each dispenser is one gallon, so plan accordingly. You can also pick up vodka and rum at Sam’s Club — including their Member’s Mark vodka which is just about the same price as the dispensers.

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Of course, if this is still too much for you, you can always just bring something you don’t have to mix together at all, like Angry Orchard Rosé or a variety pack of hard cider flavors with rosé, pear and apple.

If you want something lighter, try a mixed pack from Truly Hard Seltzer with flavors that scream “summer,” like mango, pineapple, pomegranate and passion fruit! Smirnoff also has a new seltzer that comes in four different rosé flavors (white peach, pink apple, raspberry and strawberry), plus a new pina colada seltzer — all great options for those warm-weather months.

Or if you’d rather try your hand at making drinks completely from scratch, check out this sangria-margarita hybrid recipe from Host the Toast that is perfect for sipping by the pool. It has not only the sweetness of sangria and the tartness of a margarita, but also tequila, triple sec and wine!

Host the Toast

Which Sam’s Club mason jar drink dispenser will you be getting for your next outdoor summer party?

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