Sam’s Club Is Selling A 3-Pound Pizza Covered In Chicken Bites

Can’t decide between chicken nuggets and pizza for dinner? Lucky for you (and all of us, really), Sam’s Club has the solution — top your pizza with chicken nuggets and enjoy the best of both worlds!

The warehouse club just launched a brand new Member’s Mark Chicken Bite Pizza that should not only satisfy both your cravings, but which comes in weighing a whopping 3 pounds. The take-and-bake pizza is topped with cheesy sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, plus homestyle breaded white meat chicken bites.

Sam's Club

The pie is 14 inches by 14 inches, serves 10 and is only $9.98! You can get the pizza at your local Sam’s Club even if you’re not a member, though it will cost $1 more without that membership card.

To make the pizza once you bring it home, just preheat your oven to 375°F, remove the pizza from its packaging and then bake it directly on the center oven rack for about 15 minutes.

Sam's Club

This specialty pie will only be around for a limited time, so if this is on your must-try list, you should hurry!

Love the idea of a chicken and pizza combo but don’t have a Sam’s Club near you? It’s not that hard to make yourself, as all you need to do is put some chicken nuggets atop any pizza and then bake it as you normally would. You could also follow this recipe from The TipToe Fairy which has only five ingredients and includes ham if you want to add two kinds of meat to your pizza.

Of course, neither of these are likely to be 3 pounds but, hey, it’s worth trying!

If you want something more nugget-like, you could also head to the store and pick up these new pizza-flavored chicken nuggets by Tyson Foods. Made with real mozzarella cheese and parmesan in the breading, they’re also coated with a pepperoni seasoning. So while they likely taste like chicken, there’s no denying the pizza flavor.


Have you ever had chicken on a pizza? Will you be trying Sam’s Club’s new chicken bite pizza?