Sam’s Club Just Dropped A 6-Pound Tray Of Gourmet Brownies

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Summer will be here soon and, for me, that means one thing — it’s time for backyard barbecues.

As a vegetarian, I am always in charge of bringing a side dish or, my personal favorite, dessert. Not that I’m good at making dessert, I just like bringing it (so I can eat it). Because I’m not so great in the kitchen, I tend to either bake something quick and easy, or let some more experienced people make it and head to a bakery.

I’ve lost count of the number of times the bakery at my local Sam’s Club has saved the day. Not only are their desserts reasonably priced, but they are so good. Apparently, however, their plethora of cakes, cookies and other desserts was not enough for the warehouse club, because they have just introduced something I will definitely be bringing to my next barbecue — a 6-pound tray of gourmet brownies.

Sam's Club

Each platter contains 20 brownies with five varieties to choose from. Each brownie is topped with fudge icing and additional toppings, including white-chocolate shavings with milk chocolate drizzle, chopped pecans, chocolate cream-cheese icing with dark chocolate garnish, white chocolate swirl and dark-chocolate shavings with creamy caramel.

They not only look pretty darn fancy, but also incredibly fudgy and decadent. And keeping in line with Sam’s Club prices, the tray is only $19.98, which makes each brownie about $1.

They look perfect for hosting a graduation party or family gathering, or as a treat for your coworkers. With their different toppings, there’s sure to be one everyone likes.

Sam's Club

One flavor missing from the brownie selection, however, is my absolute favorite thing to mix with chocolate — peanut butter. If peanut butter tops your list of treats, too, you might want to make these peanut butter cookie stuffed brownies to go alongside the tray from Sam’s Club.

And if you’re throwing a really big party, you can also add an 84-count cookie tray from Sam’s Club for the same price as the brownies.

What is your favorite brownie flavor?

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