You Can Now Buy Glittery Caticorn Cereal At Sam’s Club

From ice cream and wine to Frappuccinos and pizza, there’s no denying unicorns have taken over our food. With bright colors and glitter, you can have food inspired by unicorns for dinner, dessert and cocktail hour and now, breakfast, too.

Clearly inspired by unicorns, but with a twist, you can now buy Caticorn cereal to liven up your breakfast table. Caticorn, you ask? Well, it’s the combination of a cat and a unicorn, of course!

The limited-edition cereal, made by Kellogg’s, features berry-flavored O shapes and, of course, edible glitter. The cereal is exclusive to Sam’s Club until March, but it will then be more widely available. For now, you can find a box of two packages for $5.98 at your local Sam’s Club or order it online — if you’re somehow embarrassed to buy Caticorn cereal in person.

Aside from just being sparkly and fun, the Caticorn cereal also provides eight vitamins and minerals. If you don’t want it for breakfast, however, Kellogg’s suggests using it as a crunchy topping for ice cream or as a sparkly addition to homemade snack mix.

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Kellogg’s Caticorn cereal is the logical next step for the cereal giant after it introduced a unicorn cereal around the same time last year. While the unicorn cereal is no longer available, it was pink and blue and was flavored to taste like birthday cake. Luckily, it looks like Caticorn cereal is the purr-fect replacement!

If you will be heading to Sam’s Club for some Caticorn cereal, you may also want to check out the store’s giant — and beautiful — unicorn cakes. While there are no cats on this creation, the three-tiered cake feeds 66 people and costs $68.98. (PS. You can also get a mermaid version of the cake if those are more your style.)

Will you be trying some Kellogg’s Caticorn cereal?

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