Samsung Unveils New ‘Frame’ TV That Looks Just Like Wall Art

Today’s TVs are flat and nice enough to hang on a wall (goodbye bulky TV cabinets!), but are they nice enough to blend in with the rest of your art? Not quite. Until now.

Samsung recently announced the release of their newest television, called “The Frame.” A wooden frame surrounds the TV, which is outfitted with a new, invisible connection and a no-gap wall mount, making it easy to hang. It can be placed on any wall because—without all those cables and wires—it just blends in.

Which sounds pretty amazing. But just wait. It’s when the TV is off that things gets really cool.

When “Art Mode” is on (i.e. the TV is off), The Frame looks like a picture hanging on the wall, blending in with all of the others. Instead of the black screen we all know, it instead transforms into a work of art, letting you select custom-designed digital art.

Tech Tube / YouTube

There are more than 100 art pieces to choose from in 10 different categories, including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action and drawing. Basically, there will be artwork to match any decor in your home!

“Paired with the numerous options for art layouts and colors, as well as customizable accessory options including interchangeable bezels and an optional Studio Stand, it truly complements the user’s living space,” Samsung said in a press release.

Samsung hasn’t shared the full details yet—like the size, resolution… or pricing—but it’s probably safe to say that it’ll be pretty pricey. After all, it’s not just a TV.

If you’re not up for the probably large price tag, but love the framing idea, there are online tutorials on how to frame your TV.

Tech Tube / YouTube

“The Frame” was teased at CES 2017 as an “artful approach to elevate any room or viewing environment.” Judging by the photos, it is sure to accomplish that goal!

The TV of your artful dreams will be released this spring.

[h/t Business Insider]