Samuel L. Jackson’s voice will soon be one of the options on Amazon’s Alexa

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Samuel L. Jackson has one of the most iconic voices in Hollywood. And soon, you can bring that voice right into the comfort of your own home via Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon has announced that Alexa users will be able to set their devices to “speak” in Jackson’s voice. Alexa can utilize Jackson’s voice for several tools, such as weather, trivia, jokes, timers and much more.

And Jackson is not the only famous voice coming to an Alexa near you. Other celebrities are going to partner with Amazon, though we don’t yet know who these stars will be.

When the Alexa add-on becomes available, for a limited time, you’ll be able to purchase it for just $0.99. Once the introductory deal ends, the price will rise to $4.99, so if you want to have conversations with Samuel L. Jackson, you should scoop up the deal as soon as it becomes available.


To enable the Samuel L. Jackson voice, visit this link to purchase the Alexa add-on. Then, ask Alexa to introduce you to Samuel L. Jackson, and she will guide you from there.

Of course, since Samuel L. Jackson is known for his colorful language, you can choose whether you want the explicit Jackson add-on or a more family-friendly version. (Keep in mind, Jackson has said one particular curse word 171 times in 27 movies, so you know this Alexa add-on has plenty of potential for interesting language.)


And here’s an interesting fact: Part of the reason why Jackson uses the explicit word so much is because it helped him overcome a stutter in his childhood. At an event for the American Institute for Stuttering, Jackson said that he relied on the curse word to help him cope with his speech disability.

So, if you do go with the explicit version of this Alexa voice, you can enjoy the wholesome and inspiring history behind those f-bombs.

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