7 Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas To Mix Up Your Daily Routine

Sandwiches are a great go-to portable lunch, but they can get old easily. If you’re someone who brings a lunch to work daily or prepares lunches for your kids, you probably want other options when it comes to food, as no one enjoys a turkey sandwich every single day of the week.

However, transporting other types of lunches can be difficult, so it’s important to make sure that whatever you pack not only tastes great, but stays intact.

Luckily, there are a number of other lunches that are easy to pack, but aren’t sandwiched between two pieces of bread. If you need some ideas, here are seven sandwich-free lunch ideas you can bring to work or school.

1. Salads

A salad doesn’t have to entail soggy green lettuce. Instead, try making a cold noodle salad, a quinoa salad, or a bean salad, which are all filling, but won’t get gross by lunchtime.

quinoa salad photo
Photo by knster

2. Skewers

Putting food on sticks is not only a great way to easily transport it, but it also allows you to create a lunchbox with multiple components. Mix chicken skewers with fruit and vegetable skewers for a balanced lunch that’s versatile, but not messy.

skewer photo
Photo by PersonalCreations.com

3. Wraps

They’re not quite sandwiches, but they can function as one. Whether you use a collard green wrap or a traditional quesadilla, wraps are easy to make and can be filled with your typical sandwich ingredients, or you can even get more creative and add in some beans, tofu, or other plant-based proteins.

wrap photo
Photo by ohallmann

4. Hummus Plate

Purchase a lunchbox with separate compartments and create a lunch that’s filled with variety. Include some sliced pita, hummus, carrots, and even some chicken pieces for a balanced meal that’s fun to dip in to.

hummus lunch box photo
Photo by anotherlunch.com

5. Cheese and Meat

If hummus isn’t your thing, you can opt for another type of spread involving cheese and meat. Load up on some whole grain crackers, your favorite cheese, and some turkey, salami, or your favorite deli meat for a protein and fiber-filled lunch that won’t taste as boring as a sandwich.

cheese and crackers lunch box photo
Photo by anotherlunch.com

6. Quesadilla

A cheesy quesadilla doesn’t have to be reserved for just dinner. It’s easy to transport, and it can be loaded with other goods such as beans, meat, or vegetables for a more filling lunch. Even if you don’t have a microwave to reheat, bring a side of salsa and avocado to enjoy the dish as a cold entree.

quesadilla photo
Photo by cezzie901

7. Rice Bowl

Rice makes a great base for a lunch, and you can top make it Mexican-style topped with beans, Asian-inspired with salmon and vegetables, or you can even make your own creations with any leftover dinner items from the night before.

rice bowl lunch photo
Photo by avlxyz