‘Sangarita’ is the sangria and margarita cocktail you’ll want to make all summer long

Host the Toast

Summer is almost upon us! Margaritas and sangria are both popular libations throughout the summer months, but if you just can’t choose, why not combine them?

Yep, the sangarita is the delicious cocktail hybrid you never knew you needed  — until now. This drink is perfect for when you fire up the BBQ grill and have friends and family over this summer. Even when it’s hot outside, this drink will keep you feeling nice and refreshed.

Check out this delicious strawberry sangarita — aka margarita sangria — from Host The Toast. It has the sweetness of sangria, the tartness of a margarita and plenty of the booze from both.

Host the Toast

When preparing to mix up your sangarita, make sure you have lots of fresh strawberries on hand. You’ll need to puree these in your blender for the strawberry margarita portion of the drink. You’ll also need fresh lime juice, as well as any other additional fruit you choose in order to soak up all of the delicious flavors.

Host the Toast

And as with all proper margaritas, your sangarita also calls for some tequila. As for the wine you choose — remember that this drink is part sangria! — Morgan suggests rosé.

“Rosé is great for mixing in cocktails in general,” she writes, “because it’s inexpensive (so you don’t have to feel bad about altering it) and gorgeous in a glass.”


If you opt to salt your glasses, make sure to knock the salt off of the inside of the glass and shake it off so that your drink doesn’t end up being too salty.

The only other rule to keep in mind when making a pitcher of sangarita? Make sure you have plenty of guests over, because this is one tasty concoction that certainly lends itself to overindulging!


Another take on this combo cocktail comes courtesy of PureWow. This recipe suggests using traditional red wine instead of rosé, so go with the brand and style of your choice. When it comes to this inventive drink, the possibilities are endless, so don’t limit yourself!

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Sangaritas aren’t the only sangria-based beverage combos you can whip up this season. If you’re looking for more unique ways to mix up sangria, you can try this pineapple rum flavored option.

The Farm Wife Drinks

This recipe is especially easy to whip up. Forgot about chopping and dicing fruits. All you need for this refreshing drink is a bag of frozen pineapple! Simply top the pineapple with a dry, white wine and a bottle of rum and voila! Just keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to imbibe.

When you’re ready to serve it, top it with a can of pineapple sparkling water, as suggested in this recipe from The Farm Wife Drinks.

Farm Wife Drinks

If you don’t have pineapple sparkling water, you can also use coconut sparkling water or lemon sparkling water instead. Even plain sparkling water would do the trick, although you may lose some of that bold pineapple flavor.

To give the drink that extra island feel, you can try dusting the rims of the glass with sugar or perhaps with flaked coconut.

Another way to take this pineapple sangria recipe to the next level: Garnish it with a sprig of fresh mint and a wedge of freshly cut pineapple, as they did over at Five Heart Home.

Five Heart Home

This drink only requires five ingredients and is the perfect refreshing, fizzy beverage to keep you cool while you’re enjoying the warm weather at a BBQ or by the pool.

Five Heart Home

Do you have any ideas for your own twist on a sweet sangria to sip on this summer?

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