This Saran Wrap Christmas Party Game Is A Ball Of Fun

Who knew peeling away plastic wrap for prizes could be so addictively fun?!

The Christmas parties are stacking up! If you’re playing host this season, forget the white elephant gift exchange. This simple, inexpensive game suggested by AwesomeJelly will be a hit with guests. The best part? You get to watch all of your friends battle in anticipation through dozens of layers of Saran Wrap.

What Is The Game?

The Saran Wrap game is a super fun challenge involving a massive (and we do mean massive) ball of plastic wrap filled with prizes. Save the very best goodie for the middle of the ball.

What You Need

First you’ll need a roll of plastic wrap. If you want a bigger ball, you can always use more. The more gifts you want to add, the more rolls of plastic you will need (the average roll is about 200 square feet).

Then, pack in your prizes. Goodies can range from candy to cash. We suggest loading the outermost part of the ball with packs of gum or fun-sized candy bars. As you get closer to the middle, add things like ChapStick or small hand sanitizers.

Place the most valuable prize in the middle—maybe a gift card or new ornament. Lastly, you’ll need a pair a dice.

Saran Wrap ball game

The Rules

The person with the ball starts unwrapping while the next player rolls the dice until they roll doubles. As soon as that person rolls doubles, they pass the dice but get the ball.

The person holding the ball unwraps as much Saran Wrap as possible, keeping all of the goodies they find along the way. The last person holding the ball keeps the final prize. Beware, the final few layers get intense!

saran wrap ball game 2

Make The Game Harder

Awesome Jelly says you can make the game a bit tougher by blindfolding the person who is unwrapping. You can also make everyone wear gloves or mittens so it’s harder to grab the plastic wrap. If you really want to trick your guests, try using Press and Seal wrap.

Kids and adults alike will have a blast and no one will look at Saran Wrap the same again.

To see exactly how to create the ball, check out this video:

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