Save $90 On A Rosetta Stone Language Learning Box Set

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Whether you’re moving to a new country or you simply want to order a glass of vino in the native language on your next international trip, a Rosetta Stone Language Box Set (Levels 1-4) will help—no matter your goal.

You’ll learn to speak, read and write in a totally new language from the comfort of your own home (instead of making a trek to a classroom environment). Rosetta Stone is so effective thanks to its immersive instruction, which starts you off by pairing images to words for a visually dynamic approach to learning. 

Plus, thanks to its integrated speech technology, this handy software will help improve your pronunciation skills until your newbie accent is indiscernible from that of native speakers.

Rosetta Stone is rarely marked down, so now’s the time to buy: grab it for $90 off, or just $139.99. Choose between Spanish, French, Italian or English versions on the deal page.