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Have you heard of Amazon Warehouse? It’s a massive Amazon section that offers deep discounts on used and refurbished products.

Well, deep in the recesses of the warehouse is the bargain bin, where Amazon sells closeout products for super low prices. You can save up to 50 percent off these final-sale products.

Plus, these warehouse items still qualify for free shipping and Prime benefits.

Keep in mind: These are used, returned, refurbished or open-box items. But Amazon says it thoroughly tests the “functional and physical condition of each item” and gives each product a grade before selling it. You can read the description of each item before you buy—many are discounted because the packaging is damaged (though the item itself is just fine).

There are discounted toys, techy gadgets, kitchen products, stuff for your pets—pretty much anything you can think of. Right now, there are more than 19,000 closeout items on Amazon Warehouse.

We dug through the virtual bargain bin to find the best deals on closeout items. Here’s what we found.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener With Foil Cutter

This electric wine bottle opener is just $8.73 (used – like new) and comes with a foil cutter. Because who enjoys opening a bottle of wine by hand?

Kenneth Cole Bag

This Kenneth Cole messenger bag is on sale for just $39.78 because the packaging is damaged. The bag, however, was graded “used – like new” by Amazon.


Vanity Mirror

This Conair double-sided mirror is on sale for $19.44 because the packaging was damaged. Amazon graded this item “open box – like new.”

Nerf Gun

This Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster is on sale for just $21.65 because the packaging is damaged, Amazon says it’s “used – like new.”

Phone Case

This Lifeproof waterproof phone case is on sale for $17.80 to $35.39, depending on what color combination you want. The cheapest option is blue and is graded “used – very good” by Amazon.

There are literally thousands of closeout products for sale on Amazon Warehouse right now. Take a peek and see if there’s something with damaged packaging or an open box that you could use!


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