Say Goodbye To ‘Blah’ Hair Days With These 15 Must-Try Hairstyles

Have you ever had a “blah hair day”? You know, it’s a day when there’s nothing wrong with your hair per se, but your hair just feels… well, blah.

Thankfully, it is easy to breathe new life into your hair with a few simple tricks. Try these chic, trendy—and easy—hairstyles, and you’ll never leave the house feeling blah again!

1. Braids

Think you can’t do braids just because you have short hair? Think again! Watch this simple tutorial from Milabu and thank us later. Life-changing hotness right here!


2. Topknot

We are loving this fresh take on topknots. Half-up, half-down, messy waves… it’s the best kind of “I woke up like this” hair. Check out the tutorial from Alexandrea Garza here.

YouTube, Alexandrea Garza

3. Natural

Looking to update your natural hair routine? A chunky twist-out is modern yet classic at the same time. Check out this tutorial from My Natural Sistas.

YouTube, My Natural Sistas

4. Updo

Want a simple way to updo your “work hair”? Well, this cute braid is office-appropriate but would also look amazing for brunch or shopping with the girls. Tutorial here.

EmilyEBeauty, YouTube

5. Curly Hair Topknot

Don’t worry, curly-haired girls, we didn’t forget about you! Here, The Find Guru shows us how to rock “Messy hair, don’t care” with an adorable half topknot.

YouTube, The Find Guru

6. Bantu Knot-Outs

Bantu knot-outs are so hot right now! Check out this tutorial from ActuallyAshly.

ActuallyAshly, YouTube

7. A Different Kind Of Braid

Looking for a romantic braid that will have you feeling like Claire from “Outlander”? Say no more. Check out this tutorial from EmilyEBeauty.

YouTube, EmilyEBeauty

8. Double Bun

Some days one bun just isn’t enough. For those extra sassy days, try this two-bun tutorial from LoveMelisaMichelle.

YouTube, LoveMelisaMichelle

9. Tiny Braid

Okay, we need this beautiful little braid in our hair right now. Tutorial from Claribella here.

Claribella, YouTube

10. Braided Bun

Braids are cool and so are buns… but a bun and a braid together? Simply gorgeous. Get the tutorial from Annie’s Forget Me Knots.

YouTube, Annie's Forget Me Knots

11. Fancy Updo

This “easier than it looks” updo needs to become your go-to for every holiday party. It’s ideal for those days when your hair is dry, frizzy or even dirty… tuck all those messy ends away and look as chic as can be! Get the tutorial here from The Small Things Blog.

YouTube, The Small Things Blog

12. The Twisted Half-Up

This style looks polished and sexy at the same time, yet it comes together in minutes. Tutorial here from The Small Things Blog.

YouTube, The Small Things Blog

13. A Cool Barrette

Maybe what you really need to do is update your hair accessories! Even a “plain” hairstyle will look red-carpet ready if you rock a cool barrette. This beauty is only $5.50.

Etsy, FemonadeDiamond

14. A Fun Ponytail Holder

Forget your boring scrunchies. Go for instant glam with a statement ponytail holder.

Etsy, PinsWithPersonality

15. Braided Topknot

This braid/topknot combo can be modified anyway you like, but we just love Milabu’s take on this style. It’s so funky yet sophisticated all at once! Get the tutorial here.

YouTube, Milabu