Say It Ain’t So! New Bubble Wrap Won’t Pop

Bubble wrap is a way of life. You either like popping it or you absolutely love popping it. There is no in between, and there certainly isn’t another option.

But what if I told you that the bubble wrap you know and love is about to become a thing of the past? Because that’s exactly what’s happening. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sealed Air, the company that makes the stuff, is going to begin manufacturing a flat type of bubble wrap (called iBubble, I can’t even.) to tamp down on the costs incurred by all the space the bubbles take up.

Instead of being pre-filled with air, the product will be sent to shippers and then inflated on-site with special pumps. And the new bubbles? Well, they won’t pop. I repeat, they WILL. NOT. POP. Cue the sad violins. Or if you’re like me, head on down to your local shipping store and buy up all the bubble wrap while there’s still time!