Scarlett Johansson Invites ‘Grandma Lookalike’ To Visit Her In Hollywood

Geraldine Dodd is a 72-year-old grandma from Fort Smith, Arkansas. She also looked exactly like actress Scarlett Johansson in her younger years. Dodd went viral recently after her grandson posted a picture on Reddit saying as much. And the real ScarJo saw. And now Geraldine is going to have a drink with her.

Denver Dodd is Geraldine’s grandson, and he found this photo after his grandfather died last January. “So we pulled out old photos just looking through them. You know, just being all sappy and stuff. And we happened to see that picture from a scrapbook,” Dodd told HuffPost in an interview.

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Grandma Makes Surprising Confession About Picture

Denver was astounded by his grandmother’s resemblance to the famous actress. But Geraldine was less awestruck. According to Denver, his grandmother laughed and told him, “I was drunk as a skunk in that photo.”

Well, Scarlett Johansson doesn’t care about that. In fact, she was delighted by it. After seeing the now-viral photo, she posted a video message to Geraldine, inviting her out to Hollywood to see her upcoming movie “Rough Night.”

“I saw that you were, quote, ‘drunk as a skunk’ when taking that photo, and I would like to see your drunk face. I want to share a drunk face with you. Let’s have a drink, Geraldine,” ScarJo said in her video. “I’ll see you at the bar—be there or be square.”

Naturally, Geraldine accepted Scarlett’s lovely invitation, but with a caveat.

“I’m not going to be square. I’m going to drink with her [and] see if I can drink her under the table,” Geraldine told TIME. “She has got to remember to take it easy on me. I’m 40 years older than her.”

Hopefully Geraldine will have a fabulous time, drunk as a skunk with Scarlett and (hopefully) the rest of the “Rough Night” cast. The movie opens in theaters on June 16.