We Can’t Stop Watching This Scary Garage Door In Action


There’s always a house on the block that goes above and beyond when it comes to Halloween decor. In one Ohio neighborhood, the “Monster House” is it.

You have graphic designer Amanda Destro Pierson to thank for that, Huffington Post reports. With her skills, she’s designed some of the coolest garage door scenes in honor of Halloween. In 2016, she turned her garage door into a scary monster, and this year she’s turned it into a dragon. And yes, as the garage door closes and opens, it appears as though the scary creature is opening its mouth.

It’s safe to say this level of decor certainly has all those Jack-O-Lanterns beat —even if they were hand-carved.

Pierson posted a video of her “monster” garage from 2016, and the video went viral, garnering over 25 million views. So, this year, she knew she had to go above and beyond.

By day, the dragon is pretty ominous-looking. But by night, things take a turn for the worst. Come nighttime, red lights shine on the garage door, and honestly it sounds pretty darn spooky.

Pierson told Martha Stewart Living she has even bigger plans for the dragon once Oct. 31 rolls around. “For Halloween, we plan on having a fog machine and roaring noises to make the dragon look really cool,” she said.

Pierson did something similar with the monster garage door, too, rolling out a red carpet/tongue and adding lights at night.

That should certainly give trick-or-treaters a fright!

The process of coming up with, creating and then hanging her work isn’t an easy one. Hours are spent hanging the pieces that form the eyes and the teeth of these monsters.

The best part about these designs is that they’re not permanent — the garage door doesn’t require a fresh paint job when Pierson is finished.

If you’re interested in creating something like this for yourself, there’s some good news: Pierson is working to manufacture kits that folks can buy to turn their homes into scary “Monster Houses,” too.

She’s hoping the kits will be available by Halloween 2018, and she’ll be posting updates on the Facebook page devoted entirely to her insane garage designs. So, stay tuned!

Until then, you’ll just watch that dragon open and shut its mouth for the 1,000th time. It’s mesmerizing, isn’t it?

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