11 Super Handy School Supplies For Lefties

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Only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed. While southpaws may be in the minority, they still deserve to have implements they can use comfortably and properly. This is especially true for lefty kids who need tools to learn and succeed in school.

When you consider how difficult it is for left-handed children to cut paper, write in notebooks and perform other common tasks using standard instruments, you can see what a challenge it can be to head back to school fully prepared. Fortunately, there are numerous helpful school supplies made just for little lefties (and their more mature counterparts, as well).

Computer Keyboards

Typing up a report or calculating math problems is easier for a lefty with a special computer keyboard made just for them. The ergonomic design of this keyboard ($34.15) reduces wrist strain and the numeric keypad on the left provides easier access for adding, subtracting or entering numeric data.


Computer Mouse

Being able to move the mouse with your dominant hand makes computer-based homework easier. While you can move a traditional mouse to the left side of the keyboard, having one that allows you to use it correctly with your left hand, such as this one, ($42.82) is so much more efficient.



When you write with your left hand, a notepad that flips to the right just makes sense, so your forearm isn’t awkwardly balancing on the spiral spine. The fun design on this one ($12.49) is icing on the cake.



You might think a pencil is a pencil. However subtle changes to traditional writing utensils can make a difference, especially for younger students learning how to write. These pencils ($12.05) have slanted grooves that help left-handed children hold them properly.


Pencil Grips

If you would prefer not to purchase special pencils, you can simply add these lefty training pencil grips ($8.99) to any old No. 2. They are shaped to help kids learn how to hold a pencil correctly.


Pencil Sharpeners

If you’re going to use pencils, you are also going to need a way to sharpen them. Electric pencil sharpeners will work for pretty much everyone, but if you prefer a manual sharpener, grab one that is made with southpaws in mind. Since this pencil sharpener ($6.95) twists in a counter-clockwise direction, it is much more comfortable for a left-handed person to use.



Pencil lead is not the only writing option for lefties. The curved shape of these ballpoint pens ($7.49) makes it easier for left-handed writers to see what they are writing.



Keeping track of class schedules, homework assignments and extracurricular activities is a major part of many students’ daily lives. This calendar and day planner ($14.99) was made for lefties, with the binding on the right and the planning pages on the left. As an encouraging bonus, it features quotes, trivia and facts by and about famous left-handed people.



A mirror image of many school supplies makes them beneficial to lefties. The measurements on this ruler ($7.59) are reversed, allowing left-handed users to discover inches or centimeters with ease.



No left-handed school supply list would be complete without a pair of scissors (or six) ($8.97) made for little left hands to use comfortably. Having several pairs allows you to send some to school with your student and keep some around the house, so you always have them on hand for those last-minute projects.



Don’t forget about lunchtime! Your left-handed student is sure to appreciate a set of utensils perfect for lunchboxes. This set ($7.99) includes a pair of BPA-free left-handed spoon-fork-knife combos.