Scientists Have Figured Out Why The Women’s Restroom Line Is Always Longer Than The Men’s

And they have an easy solution!

What’s The Solution?

They found that doubling the number of toilets available to women evened the wait times between genders, but that would require installing double the amount of toilets for women.

However, another solution seems easier and more effective: “The holy grail,” the researchers wrote, “is to use unisex toilets.”

A unisex approach (with two stalls to one urinal) would allow men to use urinals and both genders to use bathroom stalls—and it would reduce overall wait times by a whopping 63 percent.

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Getty Images | Sara D. Davis

A wait time that’s more than halved? Now that’s something we can all get on board with.

The scientists believe this solution can cut the average wait time from about 6 minutes to less than 90 seconds!

Of course, there’s been lots of debate about unisex bathrooms recently. But just for a minute, set aside your political beliefs, and think of all those poor woman silently mouthing “I gotta pee” to each other while they wait in mile-long lines.

The scientists even made a short video to help explain their findings: