Cats Vs Dogs: Scientists Prove Which Pet Loves Its Owners More

Do you agree?

No matter which side of the cat vs. dog debate you fall on, there’s no arguing with science, right? Well, like it or not, science has proven which pet loves their owners more.

According to Mental Floss UK, scientists believe they have finally found a way to prove which of these pets actually love their owners and not just because they want to get fed.

Apparently, the proof is in the oxytocin levels. This hormone is also called the “love hormone” and is released when animals and humans see someone they love.


Dr. Paul Zak told the Telegraph that oxytocin is “one of the chemical measures of love in mammals. Humans produce the hormone in our brains when we care about someone. For example, when we see our spouse or child the levels in our bloodstream typically rise by 40-60 percent.”

The publications state that several small studies have proven that dogs release more oxytocin when they play with their owners than other pets do.


The results show that on average, dogs’ oxytocin levels rise 57.2% while cats levels only rise 12%, if that much. Also, some cats didn’t experience a rise at all, proving that some really are pretty indifferent.

So when you see the tail wagging on that puppy of yours, it’s because he or she is genuinely happy to see you. And your cat, well, I’m sure they love you—in their own way.

[h/t: Mental Floss]