The ‘Scooby Doo Pa Pa’ Dance Craze Is Sweeping The Nation

The video now has over 27 million views on Instagram.

Remember the “Macarena”?  How about “Gangnam Style“? These songs inspired dance crazes that took the nation by storm. Now there’s a whole new dance everyone’s doing, and it called “Scooby Doo Pa Pa.” And no, despite the name, it does not involve barking like a dog or walking on all fours. Or getting to the bottom of tough mysteries.

DJ Kass first introduced this song back in September 2017, but it really caught on when social media celebrities like Lele Pons shared a video of people dancing to the catchy song. In Pons’ video, she and Inanna Sarkis are dressed like Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake, two characters you might recognize from the original “Scooby Doo” TV show. Check out their moves below:

Of course, the costumes are super-silly, and the song constantly name-dropping “Scooby Doo” is pretty funny, but their dance skills are pretty on point! I have to admit that the video is oddly compelling, and I’m not alone. It now has over 27 million views on Instagram. People all over the internet are putting their own spin on the dance to the song, like these people who used it in a Zumba class to get a workout. Check out the video posted by YouTube user isamar sevilla:

These guys—the CroesBroes—definitely look like they’re having fun with this humorous twist they put on the dance:

These three—in a video posted by YouTube user lucy zumba zin—didn’t let being scrunched up in a small hallway stop them from busting out fierce moves:

In an Instagram post from user @cinthiaward, this family proves that the dance can be fun for all ages:

This Italian soccer team, the Milan Ladies, gave it a go:

DJ Kass himself seems to be enjoying the popularity of his song, and shared this video of some seniors getting in on the dance craze:

Who knew that a mystery-solving cartoon dog who first premiered back in 1969 would inspire a viral dance in 2018? What do you think? Would you give the “Scooby Doo Pa Pa” a try?

[h/t: E! News]