You Can Now Stay At F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Alabama Home On Airbnb

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Fans of Jazz Age literary greats Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald can now live out their “Great Gatsby” fantasies at the couple’s former home in Montgomery, Alabama. The famous duo lived here from 1931 and 1932 and it’s during this time that Zelda worked on her novel “Save Me the Waltz” and F. Scott wrote a portion of “Tender Is the Night.”

For $150 a night, guests can rent this special Airbnb, which is the only site on the Southern Literary Trail open to the public for overnight stays. The house dates back to 1910 and is also home to the Fitzgerald Museum on the first floor. The museum offers guests an inside look into the couple’s lives, complete with first-edition books, letters, 11 original paintings by Zelda and additional artifacts that shed light on who they were and their significance to their generation.

Above the museum is the two-bedroom apartment which can hold four guests. Visitors will be delighted to find pillows embroidered with quotes from Zelda, record player and collection of jazz albums, in addition to a view of the property’s magnolia trees. It provides Wifi, a TV, and a kitchen to cook your own meals.

The property is located in the historic Cloverdale section of Montgomery and is within walking distance of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and green spaces. Airbnb visits to the Fitzgerald property began in April, so you can truly be one of the first visitors.

Other Airbnbs For Famous Folks

Airbnb is home to lots of unique listings that range from the insanely luxurious to the authentically historic. Those looking to live like they’re famous can rent out one of many current and formerly owned celebrity-owned properties on Airbnb.

Guests who want a Hollywood-famous Airbnb have a selection to choose from that includes a 1934 Palm Springs hacienda once owned by Bing Crosby, a two-bedroom getaway in Topanga Canyon that was once called home by Mickey Rooney and the epic 1927 mansion where the last scene in “Entourage” was filmed.

Surprisingly, out of all the Airbnb options that include medieval castles, rustic cabins in the wilderness, chic apartments, cliffside homes and more, the most popular listing is a secluded tree house in an Atlanta, Georgia backyard.

What’s your ideal Airbnb?

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