Scottie Pippen is renting his Chicago-area home for $92 a night during the Olympics

The 2020 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games (still officially called the 2020 Olympics despite being held in 2021) kick off in Tokyo next Friday, July 23. If you were just planning yet another pandemic-era viewing at home, allow us to direct your attention to Airbnb, where a certain former Olympian, six-time NBA Champion, and all-around Chicago legend just so happens to be inviting YOU to hang at his house. That’s right, Scottie Pippen has listed three one-night stays in his home in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, giving basketball fans the chance to watch the Olympics IN HIS HOUSE.


In an Airbnb listing titled “Ball Out at Olympian Scottie Pippen’s House,” Scottie invites up to four guests to stay in his two-bedroom, two-bathroom home for three one-night stays on Aug. 2, 4 and 6. The price is just $92 per night, plus taxes and fees, a reference to Team USA’s 1992 gold medal win at the Barcelona Olympics.

“In honor of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, I’m inviting basketball fans to my Chicago home to relive one of my career highlights — competing at the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992,” Pippen says in the listing. “I’m excited for you to cheer on the next generation of Olympians from my home court!”

Everything about the Airbnb listing is peak Scottie, and fans of the Chicago Bulls legend are going to be clamoring for their chance to stay in their hero’s home. Included with the stay, guests will get a virtual greeting from Scottie upon check-in and will have access to his indoor basketball court, outdoor pool, arcade room, indoor sauna, and personal movie theater — perfect for watching the Olympics live, plus footage from Team USA’s 1992 Olympic glory days.

Scottie Pippen home theater

“Located in Chicagoland, this house is the ultimate place to experience a little piece of my Olympic experience and my time with the greatest basketball team of all time,” Pippen says in his description of “Where you’ll be.” “During your stay, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live like a basketball champion – and take inspiration from all that Team USA has accomplished over the years.”

Now before you go thinking it’s party time, you should know that Scottie has a few house rules, and those include no smoking, no pets, and no parties. The home also isn’t suitable for children or infants, but one look at what a grown-up playground Scottie’s pad is and you’ll probably want to get a sitter anyway.

Scottie also says he wants guests to “do it for the ‘gram” during their stay, but asks that guests run social posts by him before posting.

Even if you’re not considering a stay, you’re going to want to take a photo tour of his incredible home. Here are a few more of our favorite looks inside.

The Indoor Basketball Court

Scottie Pippen indoor basketball court

“You can play a friendly game of one-on-one or a round of HORSE on my indoor basketball court,” Scottie says.

Bedroom With A View

Scottie Pippen bedroom

And because who wouldn’t want to eat, sleep, breathe basketball while staying at Pippen’s house, Scottie is inviting you to “Sleep in the bedroom overlooking my indoor basketball court.”

The Living Room

Scottie Pippen Living Room
“You’ll have the chance to view Olympic Games memorabilia while making yourself at home,” Scottie says.

Have A Ball

Scottie Pippen Basketballs

Check out Scottie’s basketball collection, which he’s happy to share. “Forgot your basketball? I got you covered.”

Host With The Most

Scottie PIppen on his basketball court

Scottie says he wants you to have a good time, but please behave. “Just enjoy yourselves! While minding the house rules, of course – I want to keep the neighbors nice.”

Booking opens July 22 at 12 p.m. CDT. We’re hoping (along countless other Pippen fans) to snag a stay, but even if we don’t, we can’t wait to read the reviews! This article originally appeared on Better.