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Ahh, the scrunchie, that ubiquitous 1980s hair accessory—you either loved it or you hated it. So, when you learn that these memorable hair ties are very trendy this year, you’ll either be excited or running to hide somewhere. Well, brace yourselves. Because, it’s true: The scrunchie is on track to make a major comeback.

Last year, 1980s- and 1990s-inspired fashion began to make a revival, and by the looks of the runways and the fashionable folks on Instagram, there’s only going to be more of that in store for 2018.

In fact, scrolling through some of the top fast-fashion websites such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop and is a clear indicator that, indeed, the scrunchie is back in a big way. You can find everything from satin versions to velvet cinched hair ties—because if there’s one thing to love about scrunchies, it’s that they’re never boring.

Urban Outfitters

The Scrunchie Takes Over High Fashion

Before these accessories landed at major retailers, however, they were on some of the top fashion runways.

For example, the super-cool luxury label Mansur Gavriel styled its models’ hair in low ponytails, secured with none other than—you guessed it— scrunchies. Then, brands such as Balenciaga followed suit.

For the most part, these accessories are marketed as the retro hair ties that they are, although you may be able to find them in recently trendy fabrics such as velvet. But in an attempt to breathe new life into them, the founder of Comfort Objects is calling them what they actually look like: “hair clouds.”

“The Hair Cloud as I named it, instead of the mixed feelings I had about the scrunchie concept, is based on the idea of them looking like silk clouds around the hair, when tied a bit effortless in a bundle,” she told WWD.

Then, there’s also the hip vintage brand Lisa Says Gah that’s proving these things look just as good on the wrist as they do in the hair, so feel free to accessorize however you see fit.

Lisa Says Gah

Reactions Are Mixed

So, are you considering dusting off that old scrunchie of yours so you can wear it while the trend lasts? People online seem to have some pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing. Because, like we said, there’s less of a scrunchie appreciation spectrum and more of a clear delineation: You’ll either want to wear these all day, every day or not at all. Simple as that.

Most people on Twitter actually seem super excited to sport the throw-back hair piece.

One Twitter user says she’s be searching for her childhood hair accessories to get in on the trend again:

Others vowed to make the scrunchie part of their signature style:

Some even considered growing their hair out to wear one, and whether this is a joke or not—it’s pretty funny to think someone could love a hair accessory that much!

But others are a little less excited, like this Twitter user, who’s demanding an explanation for this comeback:

Many see the trend as a major blast from the past:

Meanwhile, others are begging for the trend to end:

Shop The Look

If you happen to totally be “Team Scrunchie,” here are a few that are available for purchase now:

1. Fun Print

Cute, yet classic prints are a great way to ease yourself into the scrunchie trend. They’re fun, but not over the top, which is just the kind of thing you need to ease yourself back in to these retro accessories. You can pick these up for $10.95 from American Eagle.

American Eagle

2. Satin Floral

This satin floral hair piece is the perfect way to transition your style to spring. You can shop it at Forever 21 for $2.90.

Forever 21

3. Bold Color

When it comes to wearing scrunchies, you’ve gotta go big or go home, right? This brightly colored accessory is sure to get noticed. It’s available at Free People for just $4.95.

Free People

4. Velvet Assortment

If you’re so into this trend that you’re hoping to stock up on scrunchies, you’ll be pleased to know that you can snag a 10-pack of velvet scrunchies for $8.99 on Amazon. That’s style and savings, rolled into one!


5. Multi-Colored Pack

You can get scrunchies for every day of the week when you shop this assorted pack from Target. It’s available online for $6.99, and if you’re lucky—you can spot them on store shelves as well.


No matter where you fall on the issue, scrunchies don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So, we’ll leave you with this very important decision to make: to scrunchie or not to scrunchie? That is the question of 2018.

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