7 Seashell Pool Floats You’ll Want For Summer Pool Parties

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Pool floats, once the domain of kiddos, are now a must-have accessory for any adult pool bash. While inflatable unicorns and swans have had their day, this year is all about pool floaties from under the sea. (Even Disney recently got in on the trend!) Here are some uber-cute seashell-themed floats that will add some serious style to your pool parties this summer:

1. Orange You Glad You Found This Float?

Your party guests will be fighting to snag some float time atop of this four-foot seashell ($35.99), which is available from Target.


2. This Inflatable Floating Island Has Room For Two

Why would you ever want to sit in lounge chairs when you and your BFF can relax on this 83″ pearlescent seashell float from Walmart ($40.58) that was built for two? It even has cup holders!


3. Two Mini Floats So You Don’t Spill Your Drink

Don’t forget about your drinks! These mini shell floats from Urban Outfitters ($1.99 for two) ensure that a cold beverage is always nearby when you’re in the pool.

Urban Outfitters

4. An Oyster Float Fit For A Queen

This oversized oyster float from Amazon ($89.95) allows you to sit upright, thanks to the stability of the oyster’s back rest and two handles. Plus, it comes with an inflatable ball shaped a pearl — the perfect accessory to start a game of pool volleyball!



5. A Fun Float For Swimming

When you want to dip more than your toes in the water, this pink shell swim ring from Amazon ($19.99) is the perfect option for getting wet while also keeping you afloat in the deep end. The glittery float is available in blue as well.


6. You Can Pretend You’re Floating In The Sea

With its sea blue color and comfy headrest, your guests will feel like they’re drifting around in the ocean on this seashell float from Amazon ($22.99).


7. A Ladylike Float In Soft Colors

You’ll feel like a mermaid lounging on this seashell float from Kololo ($78). It’s made of comfortable soft vinyl, and its pastel pink color is perfect for the girlie-girls in your friend tribe.


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