Second grader dresses as teacher for school’s ‘Superhero Day’


Elementary schools often have spirit weeks, when students dress up in fun and creative ways. They’re a great way for kids to show their school pride and get excited about the week ahead. Spirit weeks are also a great way to build camaraderie between students and staff as they come together in support of their school.

Recently, R.E. Baker Elementary School in Bentonville, Arkansas, ended the week with Superhero Day. Kids were encouraged to come dressed as their favorite superheroes. While some students likely showed up wearing Spider-Man or Wonder Woman costumes, one second grader emulated a superhero from her daily life: Her teacher.

Bentonville Schools shared an adorable photo of the matching pair on Facebook.

“This is the feel-good Friday moment we all need today! R.E. Baker Elementary School students were asked to dress like their favorite superhero to end the week,” they wrote. “Second grader Caroline Carlson dressed like her teacher, Jaime Deigh. Forget the cape. Throw on a jean jacket and change the world wherever you are today, Bentonville!”

Deigh shared that Caroline’s mom got in touch with her, asking what she would be wearing to school on Friday.

“She then asked what school shirt did I have and did I have a denim jacket,” Deigh told Fox 2. “I told her yes. Her mom then explained Caroline wanted to dress like me because I was her superhero. My heart completely melted.”

According to Deigh, this is the first time in her 19 years of teaching that one of her students honored her this way. She was so touched that she wanted to “parade around the school.” She also added that this kind act was a reminder to her not to take her job for granted.

“You never know the influence you might have on a child, regardless of the color of your skin, where you come from or who you are!” she said.

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