Medicine Ball: This ‘Secret Menu’ Item Is Now A Permanent Drink At Starbucks

Those “Secret Menu” items are always a little tricky to order at Starbucks. Sometimes you have to know the recipe to tell the barista, and then you wind up feeling guilty for making their job even harder. That’s not just me, right? Well, now you can get rid of the awkward ordering because a feel-good favorite just made it to the permanent menu!

A drink known as the Medicine Ball, or Cold Buster, is now a permanent menu item at Starbucks. It’s made of Jade Citrus Mint Tea, Peach Tranquility Tea and a touch of honey. The best part? The tea is brewed with half water and half steamed lemonade.

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So, if you’re feeling like you need a remedy for all of those springtime allergies that come along with April’s gorgeous flowers—now you have one, and it’s just a Starbucks order away!

The drink reportedly gained popularity on Instagram, but it was the COO of the company who was able to make this a permanent menu offering, once and for all.

One manager took to the company’s internal messaging system to explain how baristas were making 20 of these drinks a day. Many other managers responded in kind, saying they’d noticed frequent orders in their store locations as well.

COO Kevin Johnson was then able to add the drink to the menu while at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. Now baristas have a recipe to follow, and you’re far more likely to get a consistent drink order than when you go rogue and order from the “Secret Menu.”

The moral of this story? Posting your Starbucks drinks to social media can be a powerful thing. Now, if you haven’t tried a Medicine Ball, get out there and order one. I’m sure it’s delicious, even if you’re not feeling under the weather.