Here’s The Secret Recipe For Removing Stubborn Grease Stains

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Ok, so I’ve heard plenty of arguments in support of DIY laundry detergent. It all seemed a little hard, and well, hippie-dippie to me—my Tide Pods are just so easy. But an inspired post about grease stains on Budget101 has finally sold me. Meet Super Laundry Sauce.

Super Laundry Sauce (the name is even cool!) is the secret weapon to all your laundry trouble, including set-in±as in already washed and dried—salad dressing and pizza stains.

Super Laundry Sauce is a stain remover and the detergent all in one. The recipe is super simple, and just look at that before and after shot!

Did I mention the cost is less than $2.00 for 128 loads?  You could buy a new shirt to wash with all that savings, but you won’t have to because that icky stain will be toast.

If you can boil water, you can do this.

What You Need:

*All of these items can be purchased from Amazon if not your local grocery store.*

Simply make the Super Laundry Sauce and rub a spoonful of it all over the stain. Let it “sleep” overnight.

Wash as normal in the morning and… poof! The stain is gone.

after stain

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Still have more questions and want the full steps to create the sauce? Visit Budget101 and soak up some of their DIY laundry knowledge. Your clothes and budget will thank you.