Top secrets to helping your amaryllis thrive

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Amaryllis in full bloom can make for a lovely host or hostess gift. But what if, as the recipient, you have a brown thumb? In that case, you might be worried that your pretty new plant won’t even make it into the new year.

Fortunately, if your amaryllis is already in bloom, it’s easy to care for in the short term. But can you turn that brown thumb green and help your amaryllis survive long enough to bloom again next Christmas?

While Your Amaryllis Is Blooming

Right now, your amaryllis is probably showing off some full-bloom splendor. To keep it going, follow these two easy steps to help those beautiful blooms last even longer:

Then, as each bloom fades, trim it, but leave at least two inches of stalk until it’s yellow, advises SF Gate. The stalk helps feed the bulb for the next cycle. And don’t cut the foliage.

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After Your Amaryllis Is Done Blooming

The last flower has faded, but your amaryllis is just taking a break. Recharging its batteries, so to speak. At this stage, you should:

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Summer Amaryllis Care

Once you’re safely past the first frost, you can take your amaryllis outside. Place it in a sunny spot. While it will eventually do best in a spot where it gets at least six hours of sun every day, first place it in a shadier corner to help it acclimate to the outdoors.

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Fall Dormancy—Before The Winter Bloom

This next cycle is the most important one for getting your amaryllis bulb to bloom for the holidays, just like it did this year.

Getting Your Amaryllis To Bloom Again

After a period of forced dormancy, your amaryllis will prepare to bloom once more.

Flowers will usually develop four to six weeks after you bring the dormant bulb back out into the sunshine. So time it right, and you’ll have big, bright blooms all over again next Christmas.

And who knows? If you’re successful with your amaryllis, you might even be inspired to get a Christmas cactus, too!

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