Here’s How 7 Brides Transformed Their Gowns After The Wedding

Most brides put a lot of thought into finding the perfect ensemble for the big day. But what happens to that gorgeous gown when the wedding is over? All of that time and money has seemingly gone to waste. All there is to show for it is a dress, usually a white one, that will probably never be worn again.

Well, that’s not true for these clever brides! Check out how these creative women transformed the wedding dresses into beautiful and versatile pieces that remind them of that special day every time they put it on.

  1. The First Anniversary Dress

Newlywed Cristina divided and conquered her bridal gown to re-wear it on her one-year anniversary. After hiring a seamstress to separate the lace from the lining, she dyed the two pieces separately. Then once again two became one and she was left with a gorgeous two-toned cocktail dress.

Konrad Brattke Photography


2. Dye Job

Armed with a bottle of wine dye, vinegar, and salt, Jillian brought new life to her would-be wedding gown. After a few months of mourning, she drowned her sorrows in a tub full of dye. Then she snipped off some extra baggage from the bottom, giving the dress (and herself) a fresh, bold future.

Jillian Owens


3. Getting The Blues

Another  simple dye job brought this dress from rehearsal dinner material to a gorgeous choice for any formal event. The brilliant blue was a perfect hue for the dress and the bride.

Bonnie Projects


4. Chic Update

How chic is this tea-length blue dress? From the looks of it, this cool transformation required just some fabric dye and a few alterations.

5. A New Cocktail Dress

Ellen’s former wedding dress shows off her sultry side in this hand-dyed blue cocktail dress.

Seamstress Erin

Seamstress Erin



6. Bedazzled

It’s amazing what can be done with a little pink ribbon. Path to Green blogger Karyn replaced her ivory sash with this hot pink one and left extra to form a large bow in the back. With her remaining ribbon she decided to add some trim to the hem, neckline, and shoulder straps to pull it all together.

Path to Green

Path to Green


7. New Accessories

With all the material in a wedding gown, why limit yourself to just a new dress? Add some accessories by creating a belt and clutch to go with it. Tash reworked her gown into this sweet dress by switching out the bottom. She then tied the two separate pieces together with a belt leaving plenty of material for a shell purse. 

Little Lady Bird