You Have To See This Genius Trick For Washing Your Bra

Ah, bras. They are a blessing and a curse. An evil necessity with a host of laundering instructions. Have you ever, even once, hand-washed your bras? How often do you even wash them?

I don’t want to answer either of these questions because they would make any Victoria’s Secret sales associate recoil in horror. (OK fine: never, and maaaaybe once a month.) But now there’s another way to wash your bra in the way it deserves — and all it takes is a salad spinner and some soap.

First of all, how often should you wash your bras? Obviously if it’s a sticky 98 degrees in the shade and you’re sweating like a perp in court, wash the bra. But what about daily wear? Unfortunately — or perhaps fortunately — the answer is mixed. Basically, Lexie Sachs, senior product analyst in the Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute says, wash it based upon your activity level

“It’s very personal and really it depends on your activity level,” Sachs told USA Today. “Or if you are somewhere really hot and humid, you want to wash it just as you would with another type of clothing you would wear, but if you aren’t sweating a lot and wearing for regular use you can do it every few wears.”


Okay, but are you reallllyyy supposed to hand-wash it?

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Well, yes. The underwire is delicate, and whipping it around inside your washing machine is a great way to bend it out of shape. Enter the salad spinner.

We can thank PureWow for this incredible tactic. All you need is that salad spinner, a little bit of gentle soap (like Johnson & Johnson’s or Woolite) and a terrycloth towel. First, fill the spinner with warm water and two teaspoons of soap. Add your bra and hold it under the water to make sure the fabric gets saturated. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes have passed, you can give your bra several good spins in the soapy water. Then dump the grimy water and rinse the spinner. Refill it with cold water, replace your bra and spin again. Keep rinsing with cold water until it runs clear to make sure that all of the dirt and detergent are gone.

The last step is to dump the cold water, return the bra to the dry spinner and give it a few more whirls to remove as much of the water as possible.

Finally, take that towel and gently squeeze and press the bra to get the rest of the water out. Don’t wring it or twist the cups. We’re trying to prevent damage, not create more. Then, just let your bra hang to dry on a drying rack, or flat on a clean, dry towel. Don’t hang the bra from its straps (again, guilty) as this causes the elastic to stretch out.

Mind blown.

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