How You See These 5 Optical Illusions Reveals A Lot About You

What do you see when you look at these pictures?

Optical illusions can be tricky. And fun. But did you know that, once you decide what it is you’re looking at, they can actually say a lot about your personality, and about the way you solve problems? If you ask me, that only makes them more interesting.

Take a look at these photos, go with your gut reaction and think of the first thing you see when you look at each image. You might just learn a little something about yourself in the process.

1. Young Woman Vs. Elderly Man

What’s the first thing you see? Do you see a silhouette of a young woman? According to Higher Perspectives, that means you have a sense of optimism about you. You choose to see the positive side of things whenever you can.

If, on the other hand, you saw an elderly man (the woman’s ponytail is the nose), then you have a great deal of empathy and understand the world around you.

2. Is The Cat Going Up Or Down?

In this image, can you tell whether the cat is going up or down the stairs? The way you decide to answer may have something to do with your view of the world again. Are you optimistic? Or are you a realist? Perhaps a more positive person sees this as the cat being motivated to climb the stairs whereas someone with a more negative outlook sees the cat as running away from something, moving down the stairs. Think about it!

3. What Color Is This Dress?

This dress became quite the internet phenomenon in 2015, and you’ve probably already had debates with your co-workers about it. When you look at it, are you housed in the camp that sees it as black and blue or gold and white?

The way you see this doesn’t actually say a whole lot about your personality, per se, but has something to do with the way you perceive color, which can differ slightly for everyone.

4. Shiny Legs Or Paint?

When you look at this, do you see a pair of plastic-looking legs, or legs covered in paint? Your answer may be indicative of how you solve problems. How quick are you to think of what could be causing these legs to appear so shiny?

5. Which Do You See? Men Or A Candlestick?

Black and white images can be great for optical illusions. When you see this image, do you see the silhouette of two men right off? What about a candlestick?

According to 22 Words, your ability to see the candlestick has something to do with your ability to see situations as a whole, and proves you’re likely to use your critical thinking skills.

Optical illusions-turned-personality test? It’s a very interesting concept, indeed. Whether you take a lot away from this or not, you’ve got to admit—they’re pretty fun to look at, no matter what!

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In fact, showing an optical illusion or two might even be a great way to open a presentation or start your next meeting. You know, just to get an understanding about how your co-workers and peers see things.