You Have to See This Truly Insane College Dorm Room Transformation

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I don’t know about you, but my dorm room was pretty grim. Cinder block walls, beigey-mustard tile floors, a few Grateful Dead posters and a mini-fridge essentially summed up the aesthetic. But two girls at Texas State University have gone above and beyond when it comes to decorating and pulled off the ultimate dorm room makeover.

Roommates Skylar Bantz and Adeline Vela spent around $2,000 and 20 hours making the dorm room transformation. And honestly, it seems like it was worth it. Especially when you compare the before and after pictures. After the photos went viral, Sheila Ybarra, Bantz’s mother, told local ABC affiliate KSAT that the two families split the workload so that nobody was landed with the whole makeover project.

“We decided the color theme and we would all communicate in a group text message and take pictures of items that we had seen,” Ybarra said in an interview. “(Bantz’s) roommate’s mother was in charge of picking up the chairs, rug, bedspreads, customizing a pillow headboard and making the sheer custom curtains as well as the sheer drapes underneath the bunk beds. Skylar and I were in charge of picking out all of the furniture, the wallpaper design, accent pillows and other living items such as refrigerator, mini vacuum, television and coffee machine.”

Dorm furniture out for the year

The unused dorm furniture gets stored elsewhere until the girls move out. And the lofted beds come from a university-approved vendor. For what it’s worth, that’s what I had and it was something of a mixed bag. Yes, it’s nice and private up there. But forget about trying to climb down without waking up your roommate (sorry, Sara).

Does the $2,000 price tag give you sticker shock? Well,  remember that all of the purchases can be used again. So take a deep breath.

If you want to get this look for your own soon-to-be college student (or your own bedroom, no judgment!) you can find most of the girls’ makeover supplies here. Here’s hoping the girls actually manage to do some studying in that room!

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