Here’s Why 25 Million People Are Watching A Garage Door Open And Close

Garage doors are boring. If anything, they’re too slow.

So why would 25 million people on Facebook stare at a garage door opening and closing?

Maybe it’s because that garage door looks like a monster.

The idea to create a garage-door monster came from Amanda Destro Pierson, a professional face painter and graphic designer. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, because she loves to dress up, but she wanted to dress up something bigger than herself this year.

“I’ve always wanted to buy a house, so I could decorate it for Halloween,” she told The Huffington Post. “More than for other holidays because making your house a little creepy is so much fun!”

After browsing on Pinterest, she found some Halloween decorations that would work on her garage. And ever since she posted a Facebook video last week, 25 million viewers agreed with her decision to turn her house outside of Cleveland into a “Monster House.”

When her garage door opens, it looks like a monster is opening and closing his (or her?) mouth. The entire masterpiece took about 10 hours to create, with five of those hours spent painting the eyes and teeth. She also wanted to work on her garage door simply because she “didn’t want to have to get up on the roof this year to hang decorations.”

Pierson, after seeing her video go viral, created a Facebook page called My Monster House, which inspires others to create their own Monster Houses. She’s now working on “My Monster House” kits that will be available for purchase online by Halloween of next year.

So far, the neighbors haven’t said much to Pierson about her decorations, but her own family—husband, Andrew, and 13-year-old stepdaughter, Kylee—loves the decorations.

Even the local Boy Scouts were excited to see her monster. They were selling popcorn when they “saw us come home and came running up our driveway to talk about the monster,” Pierson said. “They were really excited about it and wanted to see its mouth open and close. I made them promise to come back on Halloween to trick-or-treat.”

Hopefully she made that promise to all of us, because we want to go!