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Selena Gomez’s Mom Shares Post Remembering Her Miscarriage

She thanked fans for remembering the six-year anniversary of her loss.

Selena Gomez’s mother Mandy Teefey is in the hearts of so many people after she posted a message on Instagram about the sixth anniversary of her miscarriage.

Teefey suffered a heartbreaking loss when she miscarried a daughter named Scarlett in 2011. On Dec. 17, the six-year anniversary of the pregnancy loss, Teefey honored Scarlett and thanked Gomez’s fans for their messages of support and love.



Scarlett was Teefey’s first daughter with Gomez’s stepfather, Brian Teefey. The Teefeys marred in 2006, when Selena was 14 years old, and five years later, they got pregnant with Scarlett.

After the loss, the entire family was devastated, and Gomez canceled several shows in order to be with her mother during the sad time. As you can see from the Instagram her mother shared below, Gomez was so excited to become a big sister.

Instagram, Mandy Teefey

In 2013, Teefey was thrilled to share the news that she had given birth to a healthy baby girl, Gracie Elliot.

Since then, Gomez has been the best big sis ever, even sharing this special video message about her on Instagram:


Teefey is still mourning the loss of her daughter Scarlett, to which anyone who has ever lost a pregnancy can relate. Scarlett is often on her mama’s mind, especially around this time of year. The family marked the anniversary by writing letters to Scarlett on red balloons and releasing them into the sky. The beautiful event was cathartic for all involved, and a way to show that Scarlett has never and could never be forgotten.

For her part, Gomez is continuing to recuperate well after her kidney transplant surgery this summer. She received a kidney from her friend Francia Raisa, following complications from lupus.

The pop singer and actress shared this beautiful picture of her and her mama to highlight their special bond:


We’re wishing the Teefey-Gomez family healing and comfort during this time, and all parents who have lost a child.

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