Hilarious Dad Recreates Daughter’s Selfies—And Now He Has More Instagram Followers Than Her

This is SERIOUS dedication to a practical joke!

If you have teenagers, you probably check out what they’re up to on social media from time to time. When Chris Burr Martin saw his daughter Cassie’s selfies on Instagram, he decided to recreate her pictures and post them to his own account. Burr Martin is a comedian and podcaster in Washington, so playing practical jokes comes pretty naturally to him.

He’s gone to great lengths to recreate his daughter’s selfies—mimicking every little detail, down to her tattoos, poses and facial expressions. The results are pretty hilarious, and the internet is going wild for Burr Martin’s funny photos. In fact, he now has over 115,000 Instagram followers, which is just about double the amount that Cassie has! Who says parents don’t know how to use social media?!

Burr Martin began posting the side-by-side snaps in April and he has since become a social media celebrity, getting shout outs from fans all over the world. Even social media king Ashton Kutcher took notice of Burr Martin’s “expert trolling.”

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Burr Martin’s recreations are spot on—down to the makeup, accessories and backdrops he uses for the copycat photos.

Burr Martin seems to have Cassie’s poses down pat!

It seems this funny dad is willing to do just about anything to get the job done, even if he doesn’t have access to Cassie’s makeup. Push-pop lipstick anyone?

I had 1)Candy 2) Nothing else to do tonight #selfiedad #thatselfiedad #baddad

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Not surprisingly, Burr Martin now has almost two times as many Instagram followers as his daughter’s account that started it all. For her part, Cassie seems to find her dad as funny as we do. The two continue to post pics together, and they both seem to be enjoying their new fame.

I love you ❤? #halloween

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We are glad this “Selfie Dad” is keeping it real and keeping us smiling.