This Joke About Skipping Black Friday Lines Went Viral—And You’ll See Why

What is beating the lines on Black Friday worth to you? One joke on Twitter got serious really fast when someone realized people actually wanted to take a big,  criminal risk for the goods.

Twitter user @OverlyLiked posted a photo, which read, “I’m selling this Walmart vest for $100. Use it to skip the line during Black Friday. You can even walk in, grab what you want, and walk out.”

More than 30,000 people have retweeted it, inspiring others to post photos of their own work attire to see what kind of offers they could get:

Even more surprising, @OverlyLiked says he got a lot of offers to purchase the vest! (It turns out, though, he followed up in another tweet to admit that he doesn’t even have a Walmart vest to sell.)

Also, Facebook user Millie Prescott, who says she works at Walmart, busted the whole concept in a comment on Buzzfeed’s post. She wrote:

“I work for Walmart currently and in our Black Friday meetings we were told that we are not allowed to purchase any Black Friday items while we are on the clock. We are taking half hour lunches and were told we will likely not be able to make it through the lines in time to get back on the clock.”

Not to mention, walking out of a store with an item you didn’t purchase is illegal!

There are other ways to make sure you do Black Friday right. We recently shared these tips for snagging the best Black Friday deals, including checking social media, opening an incognito window on your browser and getting creative with where you shop.

Buying for little ones? Toys ‘R’ Us deals will include Doc McStuffins items, Xbox consoles and LEGO Dimensions figures. And if you are thinking about heading to Kohl’s today, their Black Friday specials are already available online. Check out some of the notable sales, including a KitchenAid stand mixer. There’s also a coupon code.

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping—just keep it legal!

[H/t Buzzfeed]