Senior Home Doubles As A Daycare And It’s The Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

If you weren’t looking to sob with tears of joy while sitting at your work desk (or wherever you happen to be at the moment), then you might as well start reading another article now. Because when you learn about this Senior Home/Daycare program, your heart is going to swell.

Providence Mount St. Vincent care center in Seattle is a care center for the elderly, and—amazingly—it’s also connected to a daycare. Each day of the week, the kids from the daycare head over to the “Mount” for fun and games with the center’s senior residents. They listen to music, have art lessons and do other activities together, and it’s good for both the children and the elderly residents in different ways.

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The children can learn what it’s like to live with disabilities, while the adults get to experience the unrequited love and joy that come with being a child. So, really, this idea of intergenerational learning is a win-win.

“My heart is just full,” one of the Mount St. Vincent residents tells The National. “My heart is full because they’re so adorable, they’re so wonderful, and I love them. They make my life.”

Whether the little ones realize it or not, they are touching these people in a very moving way. Just by being themselves.

See how well they all come together here.

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If you’ve not gone through half a box of tissues by now, I really don’t know how you did it.

[h/t: Mental Floss]