Sephora’s New Barbie Makeup Line Will Take You Right Back To The ’80s

It goes without saying that Barbie is a style icon. Sure, she may be a 10-inch doll, but who among us hasn’t wished that we had her wardrobe or hair, not to mention her car or house? When I was a kid, dressing my Barbie up and doing her hair was half the fun. (Until I singed her hair off with the curling iron, but that’s besides the point.)

For generations of girls who grew up playing with the dolls and are all grown up now, it’s finally possible to live out your Barbie style fantasies! Sephora is introducing a Barbie makeup collection with three beauty products.

The Sephora Collection x Barbie will include Outrageous Length Mascara, Stylographic Felt Liner and a Miniature Palette featuring six eyeshadow shades. (Similar Minature Palettes in the Sephora Collection are here. It’s not clear which palette comes with the Barbie set but it looks similar to the one called Donut Shades Collection.) Altogether, the Sephora Collection x Barbie set will be priced around $37.

The makeup comes in a retro pink case made to resemble a boombox. It’s very on-brand for Barbie circa the late 1980s/early 1990s, when I was playing with the dolls.

According to Sephora’s Instagram caption, this limited edition collection will be available next week online and in some stores in France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Singapore, Greece, Romania, Thailand, Germany and Switzerland.

Unfortunately, the kit will not be available at Sephora stores in the United States, although it seems like customers in North America will be able to purchase it online if you’re willing to pay the shipping fees.

In addition to the cosmetics, the set also includes an exclusive Barbie baseball cap. All you need now are some pink high heels, a pink Corvette, a pink mansion, Ken and Skipper!

What do you think? Will you give the Sephora Collection x Barbie a try?

[H/t Elite Daily]