Sephora And The Museum Of Ice Cream’s New Makeup Collection Looks Good Enough To Eat

The Museum of Ice Cream has become a beloved traveling exhibition and viral sensation. It all started in New York City in 2016. Since then, it has popped up in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, drawing sold-out crowds. The festive museum has also taken over our Instagram feeds with images of sprinkle pools and epic, brightly colored treats.

The brand’s next stop is a bit surprising, but just as sweet. The Museum of Ice Cream has teamed up with Sephora to launch a makeup collection. That’s right, ice-cream inspired products to paint all over your face.

A Scoop Of Beauty

The Museum of Ice Cream officially announced the collaboration on Sept. 12 with an animated Instagram post.

The post shows a preview of the festive products to come: popsicle-shaped eyeshadow cases, sprinkle-filled brushes, vivid palettes and more. The collection “captures the vibrant personality and signature design aesthetic of Museum of Ice Cream’s most beloved spaces,” according to the company.

Sweet Looks

The limited-edition collection will include six products. There will be makeup brushes with faux sprinkles in the handles and vibrant lip colors that look like mini popsicles. Additionally, the eyeshadow palette draws inspiration from candy hues. The faux lashes make a statement with a rainbow of shades combined in one strip. In addition to makeup, there will also be an I Scream Charm Bracelet so you can wear your love of ice cream on your sleeve.

In case you wondered, all the products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals, according to Sephora.

The collaboration has been a year in the making. According to the Instagram post, it all started with an idea and a meeting between Sephora and the Museum of Ice Cream’s Maryellis Bunn and Trina Chan. Now, their dream of creating a “vehicle of self-expression” is a reality.

As for fans, we all have to wait a bit longer to scoop up this fun collection. The products launch exclusively on the Sephora app on Sept. 19 and online and in stores on Sept. 20.