Serena Williams’ daughter already has her own adorable Instagram account


Serena Williams and her fiancé don’t exactly have a low profile, so it’s no surprise that their newborn daughter, Alexis Olympia, is already quite popular! Alexis’ dad, Alexis Ohanian, is the co-founder of Reddit, so we shouldn’t be too surprised that the baby is an early adopter of technology and social media. In fact, she already has her own Instagram account, so prepare yourself for the cutest uploads ever.

The account only has three posts so far, but the newborn already has nearly 50,000 followers. Throughout her pregnancy, Williams was very active on social media. She even accidentally announced her pregnancy on Snapchat.

Apparently, the posts aren’t slowing down now that the baby’s here, either. According to Alexis Olympia’s Instagram account’s bio, mommy and daddy are posting all of the cuteness that will soon fill your Instagram feed.

Here’s a sweet snap of Alexis sleeping peacefully.

In one photo, she’s even showing off her biceps. Clearly, she gets her athleticism from her mom.

And even when she’s napping—she’s always posing for the camera.

Yep—not camera shy at all. Seriously could she be any cuter?

And if you want even more of this beautiful little girl, be sure to follow her parents on Instagram as well. Since her birth, both parents have already gushed about their little one online.

“Dad life is the greatest. Entrepreneurship is all-consuming, it’s sleepless, we call our startups our ‘babies,’ we are ridiculously proud of them, and we pour all of ourselves into them—but she is already all that and more, she is my legacy,” Ohanian wrote on Snapchat.

The parents also posted a video sharing details of their pregnancy journey and the story of Alexis’ birth.

Follow along with all of the photos to come via the little one’s personal Instagram. Follow the @olympiaohanian handle to stay up to date on the latest from this busy little girl. It will probably involve lots of naps for now, but hey—who doesn’t love that?

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