Serena Williams Wore A Tutu On The Tennis Court And People Loved It

When it comes to tennis fashion, you can count on champion Serena Williams to make a statement on the court with her eye-catching, unique outfits.

Her recent number at the U.S. Open was no exception.

On Monday, Williams stepped out in a one-shoulder illusion top and black tulle skirt designed by Off-White founder, Virgil Abloh, in collaboration with Nike. She paired the ensemble with fishnet tights and Nike sneakers.

Williams won her first-round match against Poland’s Magda Linette while sporting this outfit that has fans going crazy in the best way. Check out some of the compliments that have been rolling in on social media.

Last week, the French Tennis Federation banned a black bodysuit Williams had worn while playing in the French Open in May, with the president of the federation stating that “Serena’s outfit this year, for example, would no longer be accepted. You have to respect the game and the place.”

Williams made her debut post-maternity leave in France, wearing what she described as a “Wakanda-inspired catsuit.” The outfit was also designed to prevent blood clots, an issue that caused her serious problems after giving birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia on Sept. 1, 2017.

The champ dedicated the catsuit to “all the moms out there who had a tough recovery from pregnancy”.

Williams didn’t seem phased by the ban in her recent U.S. Open conference.

“I think that obviously, the Grand Slams have a right to do what they want to do,” Williams said Saturday, according to The Washington Post. “I feel like if and when, or if they know that some things are for health reasons, then there’s no way that they wouldn’t be okay with it. So I think it’s fine. The president of the French Federation, he’s been really amazing. He’s been so easy to talk to. My whole team is basically French, so, yeah, we have a wonderful relationship.”

“Everything’s fine, guys,” she responded to reporters. “When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender.”

Though Williams is playing it cool, the ban has stirred up controversy with many voicing their opinions on social media — including fellow U.S. tennis greats Andy Roddick and Chris Evert.

Now, many people are pointing out that dominating in an in-your-face tutu is the perfect response to the ban.

What do you think about the ban on Williams’ tennis court fashion?