This Service Delivers Ridiculously Cute Kids’ Clothes Right To Your Door

The best part: for every outfit you buy, they donate an outfit to a child in need.

For most of the country, the weather has turned cold. And if you have kids, that means one thing: shopping for new winter clothes. You could bundle up your kiddos and drag them to the mall, where they will inevitably be hungry/tired/cold/hot/bored. Or, you could cozy up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and order new wardrobes for your children with a few clicks of your mouse.

Enter Kidbox, a cool new style box for children. Warning: Once you try it, you may never go back to in-person shopping with your kids—when they’d rather be sledding anyway, as you know. It’s like having a virtual stylist and personal shopper for your kids, but at a much cheaper price than you’d think. Kidbox also means no store lines, no hassle and no shopping with cranky kids. Sign. Us. Up.

Each item averages $14-16 and brands include Polo and Lucky Brand.

Sizes range from toddlers to teens, so you can get clothing for children age 2 to 14.

Okay, with these stylish outfit selections, we want to be kids again! And it’s easy to try it out. Here’s some more info about how the service works.

1. Tell Kidbox About Your Child And His/Her Tastes

Every child is different and has varied taste in fashion. One might be into plaids while another likes to dress like Rainbow Brite—the more colors, the merrier! With Kidbox, you just take a quick style quiz and you’re well on your way to receiving a customized Kidbox in the mail!



2. You Can Shop Each Season—Or As Often As You Need

Not only will you be excited to see what Kidbox sends every few months, but your child will be, too.


3. It’s Risk-Free…Really

We know what you may be thinking: What if something doesn’t fit? What if it’s not our style? Fortunately, you only pay for what you keep, and you can send back any items you don’t like.


4. By Shopping With Kidbox, You Are Helping Children In Need

Here’s one of the best parts: For every box you keep, Kidbox donates a new outfit to a child in need through the support of their partner, K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers. What a win-win!


5. You Can Save Even More Money

When you sign up for Kidbox’s newsletter and special offer emails, you’ll get $10 off your first Kidbox. Pretty sweet deal. Bonus deal: Get $25 off when you refer a friend, and they’ll get $25 off, too.

6. Kids Also Get To Decorate The Box

Yep, kids not only get new clothes, but they also get to color the box with crayons that the company sends along. Again, we are so in.


Who knew shopping for kids’ clothes could be so much fun—and so darn easy? Now excuse us while we go check out Kidbox’s site. We have some new clothing to order!