These service dogs took a magical field trip to Disneyland

They say every dog has its day. The pups of Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that trains service and assistance dogs for people with disabilities, certainly had theirs when they were treated to a special outing at Disneyland. The pups (and their humans) got to experience a fun day at the amusement park, and the dogs even got their very own Mickey Mouse ears for the occasion!

Canine Companions for Independence puppy raiser Laura Allen tweeted out some photos from the event:

“Very important puppies,” she captioned her post, which has gotten thousands of retweets.

Although the pups look like they had a blast, the outing is actually beneficial to their training as well. After all, service dogs need to learn how to control themselves around distractions and focus on helping their human. “It’s great socialization for the dogs since they get to be around all the different sights, sounds, smells and people that Disneyland has to offer,” Allen told Fox News.

After training for about a year and a half, the dogs are placed free of charge with people with disabilities. The animals can help with everyday tasks like picking up dropped items, opening and closing doors, turning lights on and off and more.

According to Disneyland’s policy, trained service animals like dogs and miniature horses are welcome in most locations throughout the resort.

Allen tweeted other photos of the service dogs’ visit as well. These two pups look like they may be falling in love at the happiest place on Earth:

This dog couldn’t be happier as he gets a belly scratch from Donald Duck:

The pups met Chip, Dale and Goofy:

And as if all those pictures weren’t adorable enough, there’s video, too! Watch Mari the dog as she meets fellow canine, Pluto:

We’re so glad that these hard-working pups had at awesome day at Disneyland!