Shannen Doherty Shares Inspirational Photos The Day After Chemo

Actress Shannen Doherty (Beverly Hills, 90210; Charmed) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and has been bravely sharing her treatment journey with the world.

And as you can see from these inspirational Instagram posts, she’s not taking it lying down.

First off, she shows us what treatment day is like, and I think we’re all in agreement when we say that’s no fun, and she’s tough.

And here she is the day after chemo, chatting with her Instagram fans on the way to the gym:

And here she is in beast mode. “Let me tell ya… shaking your booty is hard work with my Neda who’s been helping me move and get toxins out,” she wrote.

“Yes I was tired, yes I wanted to be in bed but I went and moved and felt way better. Any exercise during illness is good. We can do it!!! #beastmode with @jammalibu #fightlikeagirl #warrior”

We’re pulling for you, Shannen!

Here’s more on the story, a great one to follow and share during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

[youtube id=”MuLGjmqiOP0″]

h/t: Good Housekeeping